Athena Pitsiladi

Travel & Tours Expert

With over 40 years experience in the luxury travel and tour industry, and a sheer passion for travel, Athena believes in providing a personal and professional service by putting together interesting and bespoke tours. Renowned for her experience in the field of travel and tour, Athena provides a top-quality personalized service with great attention to detail, which is complimented and backed up by her team of travel experts with their in-depth knowledge of the UK.

Based in London and IATA registered, she prides herself on having an excellent relationship with her key suppliers, enabling her to offer her clients the most advantageous prices. Her unique bond with some of the finest brands in travel allows her to provide specialist tours, with enhanced amenities. The hands-on knowledge she and her team have of the most beautiful and luxurious travel experiences, allows them to create unique programmes and fulfil your dreams when it comes to tailor made travel.