Dr. Sadia Javed Rajput

CEO Pakistan

Rajput holds the position of CEO at the The British School of Etiquette Pakistan. BSE Pakistan is in partnership with The British School of Etiquette in UK. Being a Pediatrician by profession, she firmly believes that the best output of a human body and brain can be associated with physical and mental training of an individual. Moreover, one can acquire the habit of excellence by cultivating your teachability, adaptability, flexibility, creativity, and sensitivity.

The 21st century’s miracles have been possible only due to the investment in human resource development.Pakistan is full of unsurpassable raw talent in its Private and Public Schools,Colleges, Universities and not to mention the corporate sector. All we need to do is just to set up a few unwritten codes of behaviour, which are designed to ease social interactions in both their personal and business lives. She believes that learning and mastering the rules will help people build confidence, engage with others, and progress professionally.