The Christmas card – a beautiful tradition

From the turkey to the tree, Christmas is a time for honouring traditions. Of course, these traditions require time and effort to uphold but that's the joy of them. They're special.

Hand written communication is a dying art. Even the most traditional amongst us will admit an email or text is a lot simpler to send.

But that's where the Christmas card comes into its own. Because sometimes it's not about what you say. It's about how you say it. Somethings should take a little effort.

The joy of receiving a hand written note or card is in knowing that someone has made time for you. And for that, an email just won't do. Whether you take the opportunity to write a few paragraphs or just to pen a few lines, this is a way of honouring your relationship. You may see each other often or hardly at all but in making the effort and sending a card, you're telling someone they matter.

So whilst letter writing might be going out of style, the Christmas card should be a tradition we continue to honour. Making a little effort for a friend - it's the very spirit of Christmas. And there's a beauty in it.