Etiquette for Success

The ability to network effectively and perform well in interviews stems from one vital skill: Confidence. Confidence is gained from knowing that one is well prepared, looks presentable and is capable of communicating with the appropriate language in a calm and calculated manner; especially when one is under pressure.

Getting off to the right start and creating a lasting good first impression is an invaluable skill for any young adult, particularly anyone who is looking to enter the working world. The ability to conduct oneself in a manner that is confident, assured and respectful is a skill that doesn’t always come naturally, as it is difficult to overcome insecurities and bad habits accumulated throughout one’s life; thus the need for proper training and advice can make all the difference.

The British School of Etiquette aims to aid and educate young adults, as well as children and adults of all ages, about the importance of etiquette. Etiquette is more than simply having good manners; it helps one to navigate and conduct oneself in any social situation, from presentation to body language and conversation skills. Etiquette training will aid in networking, interviews, media correspondence and the like, which is valuable beyond compare, especially when starting your career.

The British School of Etiquette is proud to announce that we are now offering training directly to schools as part of our employability programme. The aim is to add value and gain support from schools wishing to get involved in this progressive student program, one which we have called The New School Network. The programme aims to provide students with real-life skills, opportunities and knowledge, as well as the confidence to believe in their own abilities, rather than being held back by the feelings of inadequacy and exclusion that many suffer from.

The focus of the programme is to improve social, networking and interview skills, as well as to provide career guidance, in order to effectively prepare the students for life after secondary schooling. The course is crafted to be highly engaging and innovative, with long lasting impact. In this competitive modern world, the ability to engage and take advantages of opportunities when they present themselves is beyond priceless.

The British School of Etiquette has had resounding success with the introduction of the programme in Cavendish with over 90% of trial attendees requesting more!  Proper training is essential for success; give your students and children the right start!