New Year’s Resolutions? Follow six simple rules for happiness.

New Year's Resolutions are synonymous with failed attempts to improve ourselves, all in a bid to be happier. But happiness centres on our relationships and the way we interact with the world. Commit to these six simple etiquette rules and you'll improve your relationships and the pleasure you take from life.

  1. Always RSVP within a day of an invitation.
  2. Say thank you. Take the time to write a thank you note and do so within a week.
  3. Follow up. This one simple rule will improve your friendships and business relationships. After the meeting with a colleague or dinner with a friend, follow up. Ask how the project is going, or how your friend is doing? Showing your interest or concern will build much more rewarding relationships.
  4. Take control of your mobile phone. Turn your phone to silent and give your focus to the people you are with. Deal with your messages at regular intervals.
  5. Dress with respect. The way you dress expresses your attitude. This is true even if your workplace has a casual code.
  6. Broaden your mind. Interesting people are interested people. The process of learning teaches us new ways to think and approach our everyday lives.

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