A simple thank you?

Many bemoan the lost art of the written word. Electronic communication may be quicker and easier but does it carry the same weight?

If someone has hosted you in their home or bought you a gift then they have spent time and effort on your behalf. When you say thank you, you are showing your appreciation. Firing off a brief email fulfils the bare minimum of your social obligation.

Penning a few lines not only shows you care enough to take a little time, it nurtures the relationship. Who doesn't love to receive a written note of thanks, to be reminded of how wonderful the evening was, how perfect the gift?

We teach our children to say thank you when they first learn to speak. Likewise we should teach them to send a note when they first learn to write. Because when we do, we teach them the importance of appreciation, the value of going the extra mile. And finding the words to articulate what you love about a gift can be a pleasure in itself.

Whether you respond on formal notepaper or with a small notelet, taking the time to pen a note shows your appreciation as much as the words you write.