The True Art of a Gentleman

Do you often find yourself wondering about the things that make a "real man"? While you see a lot of posts on social media talking about what a "real man" is, only a few of them actually carry any substance, as many of them are only used to get attention.

Having learnt these things from observing men who are truly worthy of admiration and respect, we outline a few things surrounding the true art of a gentleman.

Importance of Being a Gentleman

A true gentleman is confident, firm in his beliefs, non-judgemental and well presented. He is proof that chivalry is not dead and binds himself to certain rules that guide him though life, specifically those of respecting himself and others.

Qualities of a gentleman

Puts other people first
There is no room for the selfish amongst gentlemen, especially those who believe that climbing the social ladder would basically involve stepping on others during the process. A gentleman is kind to others because of who he is, not because of who they are. He does not mistreat other people for his own benefit or any other reason. After all, a confident man does not need to hurt others in any way because he does not gain anything from it.

Praises others
While people love being around a gentleman, he can also spot positive traits in others and will not hesitate to point them out. He would never try to break somebody down, regardless of professional position or intelligence level, but instead would strive to build them up. He would also make another person feel like they can accomplish anything they put their mind to.

Admits when he is wrong
For a gentleman, there is always something left to learn. He knows that, if one is always right, there would be nothing left for him to learn. He does not put his pride over self-improvement.

Shows others respect
Though it is basic and easy, showing others respect is an act that is often overlooked. However, a true gentleman will always show respect to every person - man, woman and child - around him, and treat animals with kindness. He will not be condescending or put anyone down. A gentleman is a man of chivalry, not only just towards ladies, but towards everybody.

Is calm and collected
You will not find a gentleman panicking or stressing over trivial matters, as he will handle them with dignity and an even tone.

Cares about his appearance
This does not mean that a gentleman always dresses in a suit and tie, but would always pay attention to how he looks in front of other people, as he understands that this shows respect for himself and others around him. He could be wearing casual attire, but he exudes a level of class that shines through.