The true value of a gift

Gifts are an expression of how much someone means to you. The etiquette of gift giving simply underlines that the true value of a gift is not in its price tag. A few rules keep gift giving simple.

The monetary value of a gift is unimportant. A thoughtful gift is worth more than an expensive one. If one party is uncomfortable with the difference, why not agree a price limit.

A wish list is perfectly acceptable if you’re giving a gift for someone you don’t see often such as a niece or nephew. Although if buying for children, do take the parents’ view into account: never buy a noisy toy against their wishes.

Re-gift with consideration. If your sister gives you a gift, don’t re-gift within the family. She will find out and be hurt. When re-gifting remember that it’s the thought that counts. Re-gift because the present is perfect, not because you have it to hand.

Don’t turn a gift into an awkward situation. If someone gives you a gift but you’ve bought nothing in return, the temptation is to apologise. Resist. It draws attention to your embarrassment and makes them feel awkward for having caused it. 

Say thank you. Delighting in a gift will make the giver feel good.

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