Cognac knowledge and etiquette

“You taste with your eyes, nose, mouth and hand, feeling the glass is important...”

~ Monsieur Bernard Hine (the grand master of cognac)

There is a beauty to drinking Cognac. The taste of a good Cognac begins long before you take your first sip. It is a ritual that involves all the senses. Identifying the underlying flavours of a Cognac is part of the pleasure. 

Etiquette subjects covered:

This course will teach you the nuances of Cognac drinking so that you not only enjoy your Cognac fully, you fit in perfectly with that select club of connoisseur Cognac drinkers.

Basic knowledge and history
Understanding cognac labels
Distinguishing age and quality
How to present and pour cognac
What glassware to use
How to drink and appreciate cognac
1/2 day course
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