Dining and Social Etiquette

"The way we eat gives away a great deal about us: this very public exhibition is impossible to hide and says more about us in one mouthful than our entire CV. One faux pas too far and all could be lost and, believe me, it’s amazing what a knife and fork will betray!"

~ Nicholas Clayton

How you hold your knife and fork, where you place your napkin, how you sit - the way we eat reveals a lot about us. But it's not just about observing the rules. Table manners are about more than simple customs. They are about courtesy. 

This course teaches you not only how to be an excellent host but how to be the perfect guest and covers at all elements of social dining from the invitation all the way through to the thank you note.

Etiquette subjects covered:

Do's and don'ts
The perfect host
Seating, table settings and planning
Correct eating and dining etiquette
Social etiquette and manners
Deportment, posture and poise
Ambiance and entertaining at home
Invitations and thank you's
3 day course
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