Luxury Retail Training

"A customer walks in first for the product – they return for the sales associate and the service they experienced. Luxury is attention to detail, originality, exclusivity and above all quality"

british-school-of-etiquette-pen.png"Philip did an excellent job of presenting thought provoking methods of meeting our clients’ needs. We couldn’t put a monetary amount on the value. Philip is inspired and passionate about what he does, and about what we do, too."

As the luxury of a purchase increases, so does our expectation until the experience is as important as the purchase itself. Sales personnel must be up to the task, with the emotional intelligence to be able to vary their service according to the customer. 

Subjects covered:

This course looks at all elements of the relationship between sales staff and customer covering greeting, engaging, rapport building and presentation.

Greeting and engaging skills
Language and confident conversation skills
Customer focus, identification and rapport building
Personal presentation
Product training, development and presentation
Emotional intelligence
Investment in your brand
Luxury sales modelling
Bespoke course and location
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