Train the Trainer

The British School of Etiquette is the internationally recognised school for etiquette, manners and service. The School’s Five-Day, Train The Trainer Programme provides candidates with an extensive knowledge of British etiquette and a recognized certification, enabling them to establish their own business in any part of the world.

Britain is still upheld as the epitome of etiquette and good manners and with many international people wishing to expand their horizons they are looking to the British way for guidance on acceptable codes of conduct. This presents worldwide British etiquette experts with many opportunities to grow a successful and lucrative business.

Etiquette Trainer Programme

The Train The Trainer Programme is held in central London and encompasses all business and social etiquette knowledge for adults and children. Your tutor will also work with you to develop your business plan, delivery, presentation skills and student exercises ensuring you leave feeling confident for your new business venture.

On completion of the course you will be presented with a framed certificate from The British School of Etiquette. Accreditation with The School is also available, subject to terms and conditions.
5 day course
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