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The British School of Etiquette was born out of Philip Sykes’ desire to share his unrivalled knowledge of British social and corporate etiquette with a wider audience. From his early days working in prestigious hotels to his decision to open The British School of Etiquette in 2013, Philip has always believed the adage “it is not what you do but how you do it”. Etiquette and good manners are an essential part of a civilised society. When we are kind and thoughtful towards others, it fosters an atmosphere of mutual respect where professional and personal relationships can flourish.

At the very heart of The British School of Etiquette’s philosophy is an absolute conviction that everyone – regardless of their nationality, age, profession or education – can learn to master the rules of modern etiquette.
We pride ourselves on being inclusive, not exclusive, and welcome students from all backgrounds and walks of life. You do not need any specific qualifications or experience to enrol in etiquette classes with us, just a desire and enthusiasm to develop and invest in yourself.

The knowledge and practice of correct manners, etiquette and service will equip individuals with confidence, building skills that will help them achieve their dreams and ambitions and influence success in both their business, social and family lives.

Philip and his team all bring their outstanding expertise, passion and motivational skills to each and every course, inspiring our students to be the very best and most polished versions of themselves. Hundreds of students walk through our doors every year and their praise for The British School of Etiquette speaks for itself. Globally, we work with partners in countries such as China, Brazil, Japan, South Africa and Pakistan to bring our high standards of British etiquette training to students all over the world.

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About us | 1 | tbsoe taxi 2“I bought the taxi as it was coming out of service.

I have always realised the importance of branding and getting your name out there, my adage, ‘you are one person, one opportunity away from someone changing your life for the rest of your life”. I use the taxi daily to take my son to school as well as use it to go to the shops, and in the past we were able to collect students from the airport as well as drop them off at the airport. The taxi is also a synonym symbol of The United Kingdom, especially London, so there is a strong association.”

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The British School of Etiquette is a certified Disability Confident Committed Employer.

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what our students say

“Both informative and entertaining, I was so surprised at how much I was able to learn in such a short space of time. Can’t wait for the next course!”

Linda Chen

“Philip was a great teacher; the lessons were planned really clearly and delivered with confidence and enthusiasm, making it really engaging for all of the students”

Cherry Pan

“Our company has seen an increase in the qualitative experience of the customers through the overall service skills acquired by our managers and retail staff from Philip’s course…”

Fabio Marcello

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