Aiesha Syed Trainer

aiesha Syed

Aiesha Syed’s mission is to help improve people’s standing in their society, to build their confidence so they in turn can build relationships.

Growing up in Pakistan, she was schooled in house etiquette from childhood. Furthering this legacy, she studied at The British School of Etiquette to qualify as a Certified International Social Etiquette Consultant.

Her goal is to spread the art of etiquette to others, so that they too can become able and charismatic in all social and business situations. Her values are founded upon honesty, reliability and trust and she is committed to delivering tuition of the highest standard.

In her private life, Aiesha is active in charity, supporting Hope Uplift Foundation in Pakistan, and as a member of World Poverty Aid in the UK. Recently, Aiesha was invited by the Sultanate of Buayan in the Philippines to act as ambassadorial representative, conferring upon her an honourary title of Princess in the Royal House.

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