Beth coyle

beth cOYLe

Beth credits manners, kindness, and etiquette for much of her success in business. In 2019 Beth received training and certifications in London from The British School of Etiquette. Beth’s passion for helping others, coupled with her solid belief in the power of etiquette, led her to partner and launch The British School of Etiquette in the Greater Philadelphia Region. As president of The British School of Etiquette Philadelphia, Beth will share her passion and knowledge with others as they pursue excellence in their personal and professional lives.

The British School of Etiquette Philadelphia is part of a global organization that leverages the expertise and experience of its staff, for the benefit of its clients. Etiquette is much more than knowing which knife and fork to use. The British School of Etiquette Philadelphia prepares clients to face any situation with poise and confidence.

Beth Coyle is uniquely positioned to help professionals succeed. She is firmly committed to creating a safe environment where individuals and teams can practice the skills required to become successful. Beth earned a Master’s Degree in Organizational Development and Leadership and has over 20 years of business experience, spanning small startups to Fortune 100 organizations.