Duda graziano

duda graziano

Duda Graziano is etiquette trainer with a special focus on confidence and relationship-building. She is passionate about bringing people together and empowering individuals to reach their true potential.

In her journey to confidence, Duda has visited over 40 countries to learn how each culture inspires greatness and joy in its people. She also has experience in investment banking recruitment, a fast-paced industry where etiquette and manners are imperative. Now a seasoned traveller, Duda brings her experiences together as a trainer and coach for The British School of Etiquette.

When it comes to etiquette courses, her passion for emotional intelligence brings her closer to social etiquette, poise & elegance, and lady etiquette courses. However, Duda has worked alongside the team in a range of projects.

She is a first-class International Relations graduate from Loughborough University, a top 5 UK University. Alongside her career with The British School of Etiquette, she is also pursuing a Master’s degree in Diplomacy, Peacebuilding and Security at Loughborough University London under an Academic Excellence Scholarship. She speaks Portuguese and English fluently, as well as conversational Spanish.