Jack soames etiquette coach

jack Soames

Jack was educated at Eton College and Edinburgh University. Following a career in public relations and politics, he set up HALKIN Consultancy which assists families and individuals from abroad to settle in the UK and to integrate into the life of the international and British elite.

His work encompasses education consultancy, property search, immigration advice, language and etiquette coaching, British social events and high-level excursions and tours.

As a PR consultant, Jack Soames advised organisations and business people from around the world, including the British Conservative Party, Diageo, Seagram, Wines of California, Penfolds, the NSPCC, Gieves & Hawkes and HELLO! and Country Life magazines.

With over 25 years of experience, and a far-reaching list of contacts which encompasses Eton, politics, international business and ‘high society’, he is well-qualified for the service that The British School of Etiquette provides.

Jack is a member of a well-known English family with connections to Sir Winston Churchill.