Niraalee shah india

niraalee shah

Niraalee Shah is the founder of Image Building and Etiquette Mapping India. After becoming a certified international etiquette trainer with The British School of Etiquette (BSE) in England, Niraalee decided to share the training, vision and mission of BSE with India. She then partnered with BSE to set up The British School of Etiquette India. As the CEO of BSE India, Niraalee aims to extend her wealth of knowledge to corporates and organizations globally in India who wish to acquire the skills and confidence to radiate positive energy and engage entrepreneurs embrace change and achieve breakthrough performance by creating a brand that commands premium pricing through brand experience, and added value of customer experience.

As an Image Consultant and Branding Strategist, Niraalee Shah is certified from The Indian School of Image Management (Mumbai) and The International Image Counselle (Canada). She is an internationally-recognized and certified etiquette trainer from The British School of Etiquette United Kingdom, with CPD and ILM certifications.

Image Building and Etiquette Mapping India has procured thorough ISO certifications, making Niraalee Shah one of the few BSCIC ISO trainers, an industry pioneer and visionary professional.

    • –  ISO 9001: Quality Management System
    • –  ISO 14001: Environment Management System
    • –  ISO 45001: Organizations Health & Safety Management

Niraalee is also a member of the India Chapter of AICI (Association of Image Consultants International, USA), with a global presence.