Simon lindesay-bethune

simon Lindesay-bethune

Simon Lindesay-Bethune comes from very old families on both sides and has had the importance of etiquette drilled into him from birth. He was educated at Eton and has spent the last 40 years honing his business skills in the property sector where he found etiquette to be a critical skill in growing his various businesses.

He is a talented trainer and is passionate about the importance of etiquette in the workplace. Where standards of etiquette are falling throughout the business sector, he believes it is becoming increasingly important for these skills to be developed and to show how they can improve client relationships, smooth the running of your business, boost your team’s efficiency and have a direct bearing on increased revenue.

Simon owns one of the oldest independent and high-end estate agencies in Central London along with a property investment/development company. Over the years, he has bought and sold some of the most expensive property London has to offer and has assisted his investment partners in making strategic acquisitions all over the country.