Emotional Intelligence can be defined as the ability to recognise and understand emotions in yourself and others, and to use this awareness to manage your behaviour and relationships.

There are several reasons for the importance of emotional intelligence in the modern workplace. Not only does it make you more self-aware, motivated and empathetic, building your emotional intelligence skills also improves your creative thinking, adaptability and communication.

Researchers at the World Economic Forum reckon that by 2030, Emotional Intelligence will be the most required skill for everyone in every job. In fact, emotional intelligence is so important it accounts for 58% of performance in all types of occupations and leadership roles.

Our Emotional Intelligence courses will enhance your leadership capabilities by expanding your ability to regulate your emotions, relate to others and make effective decisions. Whether your goal is to progress within your current role, start a new job or set up your own business, developing your emotional intelligence will help you stand out for the right reasons.

“People with well-developed emotional skills are more likely to be content and effective in their lives, mastering the habits of mind that foster their own productivity; people who cannot marshal some control over their emotional life fight inner battles that sabotage their ability for focused work and clear thought.”
Daniel Goleman

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