Mindset manners for teenagers
Price: £159
Duration: 4 x one-hour sessions
Next available date: October 25-28
Time: 5pm-6pm (UK time)


Do you want to help your teenager achieve his or her full potential?

Adolescence can be a tricky and bewildering time. Not only are today’s teenagers bombarded with conflicting messages on social media, they also have to contend with peer pressure, exam stress and friendship issues. This course is aimed at young people aged between 12-18 years old and will provide them with the social skills, resilience and confidence to navigate the many situations they will encounter at school and beyond.

A growth mindset, strong communication skills and the ability to work as a team are vital in helping young people reach their professional and personal goals. Academic qualifications may get them the interview for their dream job but it is their so-called soft skills that will enable them to thrive both in and out of the workplace. In fact, research consistently shows that as much as 85% of achievements in an individual’s career are determined by soft skills.

In a world where competition is fierce for university places, internships and jobs, having the extra polish to back up their academic qualifications will also give teenagers an important edge over their peers.

This enjoyable and interactive online group course is delivered via Zoom and will set your teenager on the road to becoming an independent, self-assured and respectful young adult.

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Good manners will open the doors that the best education cannot.

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