Know Yourself, Know Others
Price: £395
Upcoming Dates: August 19, September 23
Time: 4pm - 7.30pm (UK Time)
Duration: 2 x 1.5 hours (with a 30 minute break in-between)
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know yourself know others

Know Yourself, Know Others is a life changing short course designed to help you to understand your own personality type and the personalities you communicate with every day as well as discover your dominant type of intelligence.

When you understand yourself on this level you will be able to make career and life choices based on your own interests and strengths and you will also be able to accommodate and understand others without prejudice or misunderstanding.

Know Yourself, Know Others is delivered in two online virtual mediated sessions of 90 minutes each. Prior to attending your sessions, you will receive a short book of knowledge covering personality theory and multiple intelligences theory with exercises for you to do prior to attending your online sessions.

Students who complete this life changing course will earn a credit for one module of our critically acclaimed Leading with Emotional Intelligence programme, which, when completed, will earn you a certificate from The Institute of Leadership and Management in the UK.

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Content is powerful, informative and enlightening. The enthusiastic manner in which it was presented lifted it to a higher dimension. It is essential that every staff member is exposed to this to improve their lives in every aspect.

- Scarlett Elliot, Liberty Life Tweet

Subjects Covered

  • Discover how our brains have evolved over time to give us an understanding of how our fight or flight responses combine with our thinking and feeling abilities to represent our personality type
  • Discover if you are an analyser, organiser, sensor or explorer or a combination of these four personality types
  • Understand what these personality types expect and enjoy in a work and home environment
  • Learn how these personality types solve problems and the type of information they need to make decisions
  • Discover the Big Five Personality Trait model and take a simple preference test to uncover your own tendencies
  • Discover the compelling theory of Multiple Intelligences as defined by Harvard Professor, Howard Gardner
  • Take a simple preference test to see which types of intelligence are dominant in your own unique way of thinking and being
  • Discover which tasks or careers are most suited to your dominant type of intelligence
  • Build a power profile of yourself which includes your dominant personality type and dominant intelligences

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