Presentation Skills Microphone Public Speaking
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Group class.

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March 22

speak, pitch and close

In business every conversation is a presentation. Whether you are presenting to an audience of 200 people, chairing an internal meeting or pitching to a new client, you need to deliver the message clearly, concisely and with confidence.

The words you choose are only 7% of the equation; the rest is having the right body language and knowing how to use your voice to close the audience. Presentation skills are not just “nice to have”, they are crucial to almost every aspect of business life, from interviews and meetings to conferences and sales pitches.

To help you raise your game and become a confident speaker, The British School of Etiquette has partnered with leading international business coach, Cindy Ferrara. She will teach you how to analyse your audience, use your voice to build rapport and create powerful framing statements to open and close your presentation. You will learn invaluable techniques to calm your nerves, handle difficult situations and avoid common body language mistakes.

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I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Subjects Covered

  • How to analyse your audience
  • The 7 ways to open and an essential powerful close
  • Pitch, tone, timbre & volume to build rapport
  • The 6 body language skills needed to assess your client in 60 seconds
  • Head to toe analysis of your own body language
  • 5 steps to creating a clear message
  • The 4 emotions you want to create
  • Critical body language mistakes that will ruin your presentation
  • Building rapport face to face, on the phone or digitally
  • The art of handling difficult questions

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