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Why Soft Skills are Vital for Business Success

How you present yourself in corporate situations and how effectively you communicate with clients and colleagues is fundamental to your professional success.

Research by Harvard University, The Carnegie Foundation and the Stanford Research Institute has consistently shown that more than 85% of job success is based on so-called “soft skills”. However, many of today’s graduates are so focused on developing expertise in their chosen field that they neglect to realise the importance of skills like communication, networking and the ability to put other people at ease. At the same time, the modern education system is almost solely focused on the “hard” academic skills and technical knowledge required to pass exams.

The Importance of “Soft” Skills in Career Success

While academic qualifications may get you through the door, it is these softer skills that will help land you your dream job and, more importantly, keep you moving up the career ladder. Attributes such as listening, communication and respect for others are not just “nice to have” – they are vital for success in the professional arena.
Up until the mid 20th century, attending a finishing school was de rigueur for young ladies who wanted to polish their manners, deportment and personal presentation in preparation for entry into society. However, today the assumption tends to be that people skills and personal qualities are learned and developed at home or through other life experience, outside of the academic curriculum.
Unfortunately, many young people are woefully unprepared for navigating the social intricacies of adulthood such as dealing with office politics and the complexities of communicating effectively in today’s business world. Our Social & Business Etiquette course seeks to redress this imbalance by equipping you with the skills you need to sail through that job interview, nail that promotion and realise your professional dreams and ambitions.

From the grip of your handshake and the way you enter the room to networking with ease and handling yourself with poise at business lunches, our course covers all aspects of modern social and business etiquette. Being able to communicate effectively with clients and colleagues both in person, over the telephone and via email will help you establish deeper and more fruitful business relationships.

There is Nothing Old Fashioned about Good Manners

“Manners are of more importance than laws”, said British 18th century philosopher and politician Edmund Burke, acknowledging that without established codes of behaviour civilised society would descend into chaos.
There is more to modern manners than knowing your P’s and Q’s and how to hold to your knife and fork. Having good manners makes you a more pleasant person to be around, both socially and professionally. Being polite to friends, colleagues and clients will earn you respect and open doors to new opportunities by ensuring you get invited to social and business events.
Learning the etiquette for any given situation means you do not have to worry about saying or doing the wrong thing as you will instinctively know the correct protocol. Your confidence will grow and you will be better equipped to deal with stress and setbacks, both at work and in your personal life.
When good manners become second nature we feel less anxious and socially awkward, leaving us free to concentrate on joining in the conversation and building those all-important connections.

Training with The British School of Etiquette

Training with The British School of Etiquette will give you the edge in an increasingly competitive world where your professional image can make or break your career prospects. The British School of Etiquette is the only organisation of its kind to be awarded internationally recognised accreditation by CPD, ILM and Investors in People. Our certified Social & Business Etiquette training course will help you fulfill your personal and professional potential, paving the way for you to reach the pinnacle of your career. Most recently, the School has been accredited as a Provider of Training Excellence by the CPD, further cementing our position as the UK’s leading school for etiquette, manners, life skills and service training.

To book a place on our upcoming Social & Business Etiquette Workshop please contact us.

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