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The British School of Etiquette is The Number One industry leading organisation in etiquette, manners, life skills and service training.

We provide the highest professional standards of coaching and education, to individuals and organisations in the hospitality, retail, leisure and tourism sectors; building confidence and skills, giving you the ability and opportunity to succeed and get ahead in life.

Our students become the best and most sought after within their industry because they use the correct and appropriate etiquette and skills to feel calm, at ease and confident in every situation.

Learn to Master the Rules, Grow and Succeed


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— July 27, 2018

Why Soft Skills are Vital for Business Success

Research by Harvard University, The Carnegie Foundation and the Stanford Research Institute has consistently shown that more than 85% of job success is based on so-called “soft skills”. However, many of today’s graduates are so focused on developing expertise in their chosen field that they neglect to realise the importance of skills like...... read more

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